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Cozy Cat Inn

1206 East Boyer Street
Tarpon Springs FL  34689

 727 - 940 - 2208 

 Cozy Cat


The Sunroom

4' X 4' Quiet Condo

The Sunroom

4' x 6' Sunroom Suite

Sunroom Suite

Ready for Guests

Each boarding space has multi-level shelves which can be removed if you prefer to bring items from home. All items must fit through an 18 inch door, not exceed 57 inches in height, and any carpets/blankets must be machine washable. Here are some of the ways our guests made themselves at home . . . . .

Carpet covered towers and scratching posts cannot be disinfected between guests but you may bring yours.

More than one kitty? You may bring a bunk bed.

Does your kitty have a favorite
cat-cave? You may bring one.

Create a dorm for your kitty.

Does your kitty have a bed fit for
a Great Dane? That's okay,
there is room.

Is your kitty always on the kitch table? Bring one.

 Cozy Cat Care

The Cozy Cat Inn is designed specifically for the safety and comfort of cats. The private spaces are extra large, multilevel, and available with or without windows. All feline guests are personally monitored by a licensed, bonded and insured veterinary technician with more than twenty years of quality care giving experience. Licensure, bonding, and insurance documentation are available at the facility for your review upon request.

Hours, tours, check-in, and check-out are scheduled by appointment days, evenings, or weekends. Please call us to schedule ( 727 - 940 - 2208 ).


4' x 6' Sunroom Suite $30/night all with windows
4' x 4' Quiet Condo $20/night no windows
Extra Guest $8/night in same space

Medication fee is $5/day minimum. Diabetic monitoring is an additional $12/night. Glucose monitoring is available as needed.

If you have five or more cats, please inquire about in-home care limited availability @ $20/trip if within 5 miles. Pick up and delivery available @ $20/trip if within 5 miles.

Check-In Rules
(implemented for the safety of your cat as well as the safety of other guests)

Cats are required to be secured in carriers to enter and to exit the Cozy Cat Inn.

Information and consent forms must be completed prior to admission. Please contact us to obtain forms via email, fax, or US mail. Photo ID and valid credit card or cash payment is required upon admission.

You must provide proof of current distemper and rabies vaccinations or a veterinarian's waiver if vaccinations are not advised. Cats who are not flea-free will receive treatment at owner's expense. Prescription diets and medications are to be supplied by the cat's owner. Boarding may be refused if a cat appears to be ill at the time of admission.

Your Cozy Cat Team

Tom Stern Office Manager
and Your Concierge
Tina Stern Owner, Veterinary Technician
20+ Years Caregiving

Contact Us

 Phone: 727 - 940 - 2208
  Email: cozycatinn@gmail.com
U  S   Mail: The  Cozy  Cat  Inn
1206 East Boyer Street
Tarpon Springs FL 34689